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Saimon Global provides Air Ambulance Service in Bangladesh.


Air Ambulance Service

Our air ambulance is available 24/7 offering world-class bed-to-bed aeromedical flights throughout Asia. Our well-trained team includes highly experienced pilots and onboard flight coordinators. With our own aircraft and support staff of engineers, dispatchers and ground handlers, patients and companions are not only well taken care of during the flight but transfers are safe and smooth and response time is fast. Short-notice flights are made possible by our 24-hour operations team, with access to remote airports provided by the aircraft’s impressive short runway capabilities.


Our partnership with the very best hospitals in the region ensures world-class medical care and seamless airside transfers to ground ambulances. A professional team of one escort doctor and up to two nurses is carefully chosen to best suit the patient’s condition. The very latest and most sophisticated medical equipment allows for an Intensive Care Unit in the sky. Coupled with Lifeport’s – Patient Loading Utility System (PLUS) the loading of immobile patients is also safe and easy.

If you or a loved one requires emergency medical transportation in Bangladesh, booking an air ambulance service is an option that can potentially save a life.


Booking Air Ambulance  from Saimon Global in 3 (three) easy steps:


Step 1: Assess the Patient’s Condition

The first step in booking an air ambulance service in Bangladesh is to assess the patient’s condition. This will help determine the type of medical equipment and personnel needed for the flight. If the patient is in critical condition, it is recommended to contact us immediately. You may call us and we will guide you through the booking process. Be prepared to provide information about the patient’s condition, location, and destination.


Step 2: Get a Quote and Confirm the Booking

After providing the necessary information to us, you will receive a quote for the service. Be sure to ask about any additional fees that may be incurred, such as ground transportation or medical escort services. Once the quote is accepted, the air ambulance service provider will confirm the booking and provide details about the flight, including the departure time and any necessary preparations.


Step 3: Prepare for the Flight

Before the air ambulance arrives, it is essential to prepare the patient for the flight. This may include gathering medical records, medications, and personal belongings. The air ambulance service provider will also provide instructions on any necessary preparations, such as fasting before the flight or bringing a companion. Learn more on mjets



Our Air Ambulance Services


where do we fly?

We provide air ambulance services to Thailand, Singapore and other countries in Asia.


What is included in our air ambulance service?

Our Air Ambulance comes with the following:

  1. State-of-the-art mobile ICU equipment.
  2. Doctor and nurse
  3. Bed-to-bed transfer meaning transfer by ambulance from hospital to the Airport and Airport to hospital with ambulance.


Who can fly with the patient?

Generally, the patient can be accompanied by one or two attendants/companions/relatives.


Help with obtaining Visa on urgent basis?

Our company is authorized to process visa from Thailand and Singapore, so we can help with obtaining the visa on an urgent basis.


How long will it take to depart from Dhaka?

Typically, it will take 48-72 hrs before our aircraft can land in Dhaka and evacuate/fly with the patient to the desired destination.


What type of aircraft is available?

All our aircraft are twin jet engine aircraft. Depending on the range we may offer you the below aircraft.

  1. Cessna Citation Bravo
  2. Cessna Citation X
  3. Gulfstream V


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What is the approximate price for Air Ambulance Service?

  1. Bangkok between USD 27000- USD 35000
  2. Singapore Between USD 45000-USD 60000






****Please note that this price is just for reference and approximate only. Actual price will be provided at the time of query and before booking.****



Contact us – Book Air Ambulance service Bangladesh:

Call: 01320399393

Our Office: Saimon Center, House-4A, Road-22, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.